July 19, 2010

See Ya, C.J.

The other half of last season's underrated backcourt bench tandem has just flown the coop. C.J. Watson is Chicago-bound, in a sign-and-trade that nets the Warriors a second-round pick and a trade exception worth $3.5 million or so. The Udoh pick was silly, the Lee trade was heartbreaking, the Morrow loss was needless... but make no mistake, superfriends. This, right here, is the dumbest move of the offseason.

When you factor in his miniscule turnover ratio, his solid scoring and his stellar showings by plus-minus (a team-best +6.7 net plus-minus last season, a +2.47 two-year adjusted plus-minus that places him in the league’s top fifty), it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that C.J. Watson is one of the best backup point guards in basketball. The guy records steals by the bushel without getting called for fouls... he takes tremendous care of the ball... he drives rarely, but with precision. C.J. Watson is a winning player, something that can't be said of many Warriors. And now he's gone.

The Warriors had the money to keep him. They also badly need someone to back up Curry, and to help out at the two if Monta gets hurt and/or Reggie gets called into action at the three (Charlie Bell should not be in any team’s rotation at this point in his career). Simply put, there was no bigger no-brainer this offseason than matching a two-year, $7 million dollar offer to C.J. Watson. I don’t know what the current ownership complexities are, and I don’t really care. This is an absolutely moronic decision, far dumber than letting Morrow go. Teams don’t get better by punting away good players on cheap contracts.

Congrats to C.J., who will probably help a scary-looking Bulls team nudge past the 60-win mark. The Warriors Twitterverse will be far quieter without you, young man, and the win column will be a couple notches emptier, too.

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Biff said...

So our options at this point are either to use Charlie Bell as back-up PG, or play Curry 48 minutes a night. And some people actually think the W's will make the playoffs as currently constructed.