June 23, 2010


Jeez... you take a simple sixty-nine-day blogging sabbatical, and your downtrodden NBA franchise goes all squirrelly on you! Among the Warrior stories that have surfaced while we were off on assignment:

- The team is officially on the market, and while it's too early to name a frontrunner or take down the legions of shrill, blacklit anti-Cohan websites, there is what one would call sunlight on the horizon.

- New uniforms, and better ones, too!

- Kelenna Azubuike exercised his option, keeping him in, uh, white and yellow and royal blue.

- Ex-Dub and Nellie favorite Manute Bol passed away, depriving the league of one of its greatest spectacles and greatest people.

What do we make of all this? Well, friends, that's a good question! And one that will be answered in the days and weeks to come. For we Worriers are BACK, and as long-winded as ever. Stay tuned.

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warriorsscore110 said...

Welcome back Owen.

Team on Market
The best news for this team in quite a long time. Cohan seems hell bent on draggint the sale as long as possible to get every last penny he can get from the team, but the light is definetly visible at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully Riley doesnt do anything stupid and we can hang on to Morrow while we wait in limbo.

New Uniforms
They are ok, but the whole SF thing is kinda played out. While Cohan is putting out new jerseys before an ownership change is beyond me, but its nice to see the team return to our old colors.

Seems his injury is worse than thought. Steinmentz is reporting that he might not be healthy at the start of training camp. IF he can get back into shape, he can be a great trade chip because of his versatility, cheap and expiring contract. Dump him at the dealine for a late first rounder.

Manute Bol
Being in my mid 20's I didnt really get to watch this man play. However his humanitarain work is hopefully what his legacy will be.

Maggette Trade
Not bad, Gadzuric can either be dealt with his expiring deal or we can send the more valuable Turiaf out and use Gadzuric and Randolph to back up Biedrins. Bell is mostly worthless.

Not much to do with the sixth pick in this draft, no one wanted to trade anything of value for the pick. I would of gone with a swing man George or Hayward would have been nice. Monroe seemed to be the consensus big man. In short we got a player with less upside than either Wright or Randolph yet older than both.

While the lunacy contines on Broadway Ave, the seconds are ticking away on the Cohan regime. One exciting not, Robert Rowell (the most reviled man to all Warriors fans) has seemingly been completly phased out of anything to do with the orginization and all reports are that no new owner will foolishly bring him along.