April 1, 2010

#74: GSW @ UTA 3/31/10

PostThoughts -- Jazz 128, Warriors 104
While the Golden State Warriors will learn how to compete on the road again someday, that process just isn't going to start in Salt Lake City. This was every bit the drubbing that it looked to be when the season schedule came out.

Say this for the Dubs: offensively, their hearts were in the right place. They attempted 26 three-pointers and shot 42 free throws, and when you spend that much time in high-value situations, you're likely to win. The Warriors made only four of those threes, and didn't fare well from two-point land either... only Chris Hunter hit half of more of his shots, and he only took four of them. A teamwide cold-shooting night isn't a problem. The problem is that on a cold-shooting night, you have to do some other things -- defense and rebounding and such -- and the Dubs got outrebounded by 22 and let the Jazz record 37 assists.

The Warriors used their 45th starting lineup, extending their miserable league record. Also, that soft "click" you heard yesterday was the door slamming shut on Stephen Curry's ROY chances... his weak line, combined with Tyreke's 20/7/13 showing in Minnesota, has pretty much sealed the deal. Weep not for Stephen Curry, America. This team has several dozen bigger problems.

Back home tomorrow night for a sprint with the Knicks, and then it's off on the season's easiest road trip. The Warriors aren't likely to run the table and match last year's (thoroughly shitty) record, but winning three of eight and getting Nellie atop Mt. Wilkens should be more than doable. Of course, with three determined tankers nipping at their heels and a draft with a clear-cut top four, the Warriors might be well-served to crank up the suckin'. As tonight showed, they've still got plenty of it left.

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