March 30, 2010

#73: GSW @ LAC 3/28/10

PostThoughts -- Warriors 121, Clippers 103
A ROAD win?! Sweet jumpin' fuck! The Dubs snapped a thirteen-game losing streak outside of Oakland in this one, and posted their first road win against a non-Nets/non-Wolves team since November.

That cold night against Dallas sure didn't seem to stick; the Warriors resumed their layup line here, and the Clips bricked a few too many to keep up. This game was very much in keeping with recent trends, as the Warriors got badly outrebounded (53-38), but scored (53.4 FG%) and passed (2.27 A/TO) with extreme efficiency. Was Monta's absence a positive? Hard to say... his net plus-minus results haven't been bad lately, and he's been around for many of the slickest offensive performances. But at the very least, one can safely say that he wasn't missed here.

Both Turiaf and Tolliver had more than twice as many points as shot attempts, which is the kind of complementary work you've gotta love. And while our man Reggie is still flying far south of his previous efficiency -- 25 points on 22 shots ain't nothin' to write home about -- seven assists against one turnover buys you a lot of goodwill around here. Curry had the kind of quiet, foul-heavy, good-but-not-great game we saw a lot from him in the season's first couple months. Given the crushing number of minutes he's received as a rookie, he's held up admirably.

As odd as it is to say about a team that's 5-30 outside of their building, the Warriors have a chance to grab another couple road wins before the season wraps up. They'll lose in Salt Lake City tomorrow, but Sunday brings a road trip replete with patsies (the Raptors, the Wizards, the Wolves, these Clippers), and the Warriors' final game is against a banged-up Blazers team that will almost certainly be resting up for the postseason. A mini-run to end the year is very possible. On a strategic level, it'd be the exact wrong time to start winning, but it'd be nice for the players to feel a little sunshine on their faces, and it'd be nice to wrap up this Nellie fiasco once and for all.

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