January 4, 2010

Mikki No Moore

Per ESPN, the Warriors have waived him to make permanent room for Chris Hunter, as our hardship exception has run out. (EDIT: Marcus Thompson has more.)

This was the right move. Given the fondness Nellie and Smart showed for Mikki's bellowing veteran ways, I'd expected them to try to keep him around, perhaps dumping Hunter to do it. That would've been a mistake, not because Hunter has much value, but because Mikki has none. We kept the younger, more useful player here. Smart call.

Mikki becomes the first Warrior to lose his stripes in our Internet tenure. While we won't miss his punchless contributions, we appreciate his willingness to play hurt and his eagerness to take fellow journeyman Hunter under his enormous wing. He seems like a nice enough guy.

Fare thee well, big man... I'm guessing you see the postseason before we do.

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