December 23, 2009

Tuesday Potpourri: Lameness, Lineups, Let's Trade C.J. Watson

• Last night's Zach Attack kicked our crappiness up a notch. Our winning percentage is now .259... the last time we were that bad after December 1st was in late 2004, just before Baron showed up. And while we've certainly had our struggles in recent years, this is the first time we've lost 10 out of 11 since March of 2002.

• On the other hand, if Biedrins and Turiaf return this weekend as, things could brighten quickly. We could really hold our own with a minutes allotment like this:

PG: Steph Curry (30), CJ Watson (18)
SG: Monta Ellis (36), CJ Watson (12)
SF: Corey Maggette (30), Anthony Morrow (18)
PF: Anthony Randolph (30), Ronny Turiaf (18)
C: Andris Biedrins (32), Chris Hunter (16)

I don't expect anything like this... it precludes smallball and Vladimir Radmanovic, two of Nellie's favorite things. Still, it's purty, ain't it?

The Jazz gifted Eric Maynor to the Thunder in a salary dump yesterday. At first glance, this would seem to have nothing to do with us, other than to cruelly point out how clever front offices can acquire talent for a song. But if you look again, at the Utah side of things, the relevance to the Warriors becomes clear. The Jazz shoot threes poorly and rarely, and now have a really weak backup PG. There's a C.J.-Watson-shaped hole in their roster, basically, and we should talk to them about filling it. They'll need a little more firepower to assure themselves of a playoff spot, and he's super-cheap, so they should be receptive. If Larry Riley offers CJ for Kosta Koufos and a '11 first-rounder, I don't think Kevin O'Connor hangs up on him.

May be a slow posting day, due to Christmas travel. More like happy holidaze, am I right?!?!?!?!

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