December 12, 2009

Make The Top 20 And Maybe We'll Talk, Asshole

Per BP, the 25 best NBA players so far by individual winning percentage (min 30% of their teams' minutes):

1. Chris Paul, .817

2. LeBron James, .799

3. Tim Duncan, .788

4. Dwight Howard, .762

5. Josh Smith, .741

6. Greg Oden, .731

7. Chris Bosh, .723

8. Dwayne Wade, .719

9. Kobe Bryant, .710

10. Marcus Camby, .695

11. Rajon Rondo, .694

12. Steve Nash, .687

13. Dirk Nowitzki, .681

14. Kevin Durant, .664

15. Carmelo Anthony, .649

16. Manu Ginobili, .645

17. Carlos Boozer, .639

18. Nene, .638

19. Kevin Garnett, .636

20. Carl Landry, .631

21. Andrew Bynum, .624

22. Marc Gasol, .619

23. Chris Andersen, .619

24. Al Horford, .617

25. (tie) Mikki Moore's Backup/David Lee, .616

While we're here, the winning percentages of the rest of the Dubs we've seen lately:

Corey Maggette, .540 (shouldn't surprise anyone who's been paying attention, as he's having a strong year)

C.J. Watson, .521 (underrated as always, though I'd expect his defensive numbers to go down a bit)

Monta Ellis, .471 (below-average offensive accuracy and leads the world in turnovers; this doesn't surprise me)

Anthony Morrow, .447 (this one does, as we do well when he plays; still, he's not shooting often and not doing much else)

Stephen Curry, .423 (their system doesn't love his defense, but who does; as with Morrow, it thinks he should shoot more)

Mikki Moore, .416 (higher than I would've expected, thanks largely to a very efficient week of play; still not great)

Chris Hunter, .410 (small sample size, of course, but it's not seeing much in him so far)

Vladimir Radmanovic, .355 (YIKES; includes his Charlotte stats, but he has been about this bad in both places)

This does not of course mean that we'd be assured of a playoff berth with a CJ/Monta/Morrow/Maggette/Randolph lineup; the fit of a lineup matters, and Win% is certainly not the last word on player value. But it's a pretty good metric. And its extreme prescriptions -- use a lot more Randolph, use a lot less Vlad -- are pretty hard to argue with. Unless, of course, if you work for this turkey of a franchise.


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