December 26, 2009

PHO @ GSW 12/26/09: LiveBloggin'

7:50 - Everyone's playing well. I have a good feeling about this game. Weird!

7:59 - Randolph looks under control. Biedrins looks saucy on the bench, as always.

8:05 - This game is outrageous. GSW and PHO on pace for a 170-160 final score.

8:22 - Monta Ellis has a real good chance for the first triple-double of his career.

8:25 - Maggette's hustling, playing strong defense and working. Hooray!

8:28 - Ronny!

8:30 - Maggette picks up his third foul, in comes Vlad. This is huge.

8:34 - The Warriors are holding their own without Randolph.

8:38 - Steph Curry! Having himself a fine game. The Suns' TV people are obsessed with his sweet stroke.

8:40 - Perversely, part of me is just rooting for points.

8:44 - Well, it's a barnburner. The Warriors are out-rebounding the Suns 20-18 at the break, but if there's one game in which we can lay down our arms on rebounding, this would be it. Channing Frye hasn't irrupted into my reality yet, but it's coming, I can sense it. I'm sort of dazed and pleasantly buzzed by this game. Would it be too much to ask for a double overtime Golden State Win? On NBATV, the info-graphic about the Cavaliers' road trip was brought to you by...DRUNK DRIVING: OVER THE LIMIT. UNDER ARREST.

9:02 - Bit of a ragged start to the second half, but here come the points again.

9:04 - Randolph draws the fourth foul on Stoudemire and Golden State has a strong opportunity to pull ahead.

9:05 - And as quickly as it appeared, the lead is gone.

9:09 - Nellie burns another timeout as the Suns rip off 11 points in a row.

9:11 - I love me some Monta Ellis post-up game.

9:15 - What a fantastic game by Corey Maggette.

9:17 - Steve Nash or Monta Ellis: who wants it more?

9:21 - Randolph 6/7 on field goals. Luv it.

9:25 - I really can't praise Corey Maggette enough. He's got 27 points on 15 shots.

9:26 - I take it all back.

9:31 - Nothing pisses Alvin Gentry off like a shot clock violation. Warriors lead by one with 10:28 to go.

9:37 - Ellis gets lazy with his passes, but never seems tired when he drives.

9:42 - This game has ground to a halt, and the Suns will be in the bonus with the next Warrior foul. Will Randolph see any more minutes?

9:50 - Ellis commits his seventh turnover of the night and Stoudemire gets a jam on the other end to tie the game at 123 with 2:25 left.

9:53 - CJ Watson is a terrific scorer, with 14 points on only five shots. Second shot clock violation of the quarter for the Suns. Coach Gentry is steamed.

9:56 - Maggette powers home an Ellis miss, and the Suns desperately need to score with 1:25 left.

10:01 - Morrow splits free throws and the Suns have a chance to tie with a 3-pointer and 10.7 seconds left.

10:03 - Steph Curry hits two free throws to ice the game.

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