December 26, 2009

PHO @ GSW 12/26/09: PreThoughts

1) The Phoenix Suns, who play the Warriors' game of outscoring opponents far better than the Warriors do, carry with them a special kind of pique as a Warriors opponent. A final score similar to what we saw back in the Ides of March is not out of the question. This one will probably smart.

2) I've said it before and I'll say it again, folks. I don't want no Dudley. Jared Dudley leads the league in three-point shooting at a cool 50%, and as such he's earned the title of Morrow of the Moment.

3) Amar'e Stoudemire sure can jam, but he doesn't play defense, and he rebounds far less than he reasonably should...willya tell me again why he's not on the Warriors?

4) Sideshow Rob Lopez makes Anthony Randolph look like Ben Kingsley. The gulf in skill between these two players is massive; it's funny to think back on their draft proximity in 2008.

5) Monta Ellis needs to be mindful of Steve Nash and his shifty, floppy defense. The only thing between Ellis and 40+ points tonight is early foul trouble.

6) Channing Frye.

Suns Player to Watch: Channing Frye.

Warriors Player to Watch: Vladimir Radmanovic, as he fails again and again to close out on Channing Frye.

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Owen said...

Channing Frye: EXACTLY. Dread fills the head.

Apparently Biedrins won't return till Monday... Turiaf is back, but with a low minutes ceiling. Starting lineup of Monta, Curry, Morrow, Maggette, and Randolph, and while I hate Maggette at the four, that is probably the punchiest lineup we can field under the circumstances. Keep sanin', Nellie.

Go Dubs.