December 26, 2009

PHO @ GSW 12/26/09: PostThoughts

1) Great game. Great game. 48 minutes of pure fun. 57% from the field. 87% from the line. The Warriors simply outplayed the Suns.

2) Golden State scored 132 points despite only hitting four three-pointers. Anthony Morrow was 0/5 from behind the arc.

3) Corey Maggette was nearly perfect in 35 minutes: 13/17 FG, 7/7 FTs, with good rebounding and acceptable defense.

4) The Warriors overcame a vintage performance by Steve Nash, who nearly sent the game into overtime.

5) Great to see Monta Ellis finally get some support. Randolph was Randolph, and I loved seeing him be efficient, with 17 points on seven shots.

6) CJ Watson was Corey Maggette lite off the bench, with a hyper-efficient 14 points on five shots, three rebounds, three assists, two steals and zero turnovers in 29 minutes. And he hectored Nash in the final seconds to ensure the win.

7) Ronny Turiaf deserves loads of credit for shutting down Amar'e Stoudemire. He was a a very significant +8 in 14 minutes off the bench.

8) I'm very impressed with how the Ws closed this game out. They looked like an actual NBA team tonight.


Owen said...

Love the outcome, love the filled-to-burstin' box score, love the livebloggin'. We should do more of that shit.

My recent screed aside, I can't fault Nellie for going small for long stretches tonight... if there was ever a frontcourt that wouldn't murder you on the glass, it's Frye and Stoudemire. Like Douglas, though, I do have to swoon over Randolph's line: that is some dang nice production in 26 minutes. A bunch of turnovers, sure, but if our stars are forgiven those, the young man should be as well.

I also find Morrow's line oddly encouraging -- he had a productive all-around game, and the only thing he *didn't* do well was shoot threes. In a developmental sense, that's great.

Weird how good it feels to win again.

doug said...

Co-sign on the Morrow point. Definitely encouraging to see him contribute to the win on an off-night.

I loved Corey Maggette's expression in the final thirty seconds. As Morrow, Curry and Turiaf giggle and slap each other five, Maggette looks bored out of his mind. He's the ultimate professional: so jaded, but so good, when he wants to be.

Yeah, the only true blemish on this game is the turnovers, but I can excuse them for one night, at least.