December 5, 2009

ORL @ GSW 12/5/09: PreThoughts

1) Marcus Thompson sez Randolph and Turiaf are out, so it's another Magnificent Seven game: Monta, Curry, Maggs, Hunter, Mikki, CJ and Vlad. GROSS. Tiny and gross. If Chris Hunter gets less than thirty minutes, it had better be because he fouled out. We're gonna need an extra helping of him...

2) ...because while we match up worse against the Lakers than against any other team, Orlando seems like a pretty solid candidate for number two. Dwight is going to mmmMMMURDER us, and while we've been playing better perimeter D in this post-Crawford world, I'm guessing the Magic will get at least twenty open looks from long distance tonight. The goal: lose by fifteen. (And have fun.)

3) Boy, Monta's plus-minus numbers still friggin' stink. I know, plenty of noise in those things early in the season... we had a couple big CJ/Law garbage-time runs that still skew things a good bit. But we're getting outscored by 4.2 points a game, and when Monta's on the floor -- which is 82% of the time -- we get outscored by 7.8 points a game. We are worst-team-in-the-league bad whenever our ascendant star is on the floor. This is starting to get troubling.

4) Nellie's body language will be interesting here. Is he really going to re-group and dive back in with relish after this road trip? Or is he just trying to deny the inevitable?

5) Matt! Mickael! Adonal! Hey, guys.

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doug said...

Chilling stats on Monta, to be sure. He plays that extremely high-risk defenseoffense, the gamblin' kind anathema to the Popovich/Carlesimo system — that is to say, actual defense. I've never really taken the Iverson/Monta comparisons, but they do seem to be more apposite as the Warriors become Monta's team.

Also, Monta talks in the third person now and then, at least according to google news/quote. Are there any other third-person-speaking athletes out there right now?