December 3, 2009

HOU @ GSW 12/3/09: PreThoughts

1) The Warriors get dunked on more than any other team. Houston, however, is not a great dunking team. Tonight's game-within-the game is all about dunk management.

2) The Big Swede is back and he's sicker than ever, no doubt with some icy new way to belittle people that he conceived during his me-time. Perhaps tonight we find out tonight just how smart Mr. Smart really is.

3) Mikkigate is becoming a thing, and the Rockets are at the center of the gossip circle. We have to come clean about this one and play Hunter, who looks to me like a slightly larger and much slower version of Turiaf.

4) The Warriors right now have a completely different starting five than they did a year ago. In terms of playing time, this is a completely different team.

5) What does this game mean? Everything. Nothing. The Warriors travel by a random walk.

Warriors Player to Watch: Monta Ellis
Matt Steinmetz writes that Ellis is reportedly ill from the team bus ride, but that he will play tonight. One of my favorite things about Monta is his resiliency, and it can't hurt that he's feeling good in general.

Rockets Player To Watch: Luis Scola
Sweet mercy, this fellow scares me. He's the type who can get 25 points on 11 shots and 10 offensive rebounds against the Warriors. Maybe Maggette can draw a few early fouls on him.

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