December 4, 2009

HOU @ GSW 12/3/09: PostThoughts

1) Booooooo.

2) Four guards and Corey Maggette! In the fourth quarter of a competitive game! I remember you now, Nellie -- you're annoying.

3) There is no purer condemnation of your team's basketball intelligence than a stat-sheet-stuffin' night by Shane Battier. It felt like Michael Lewis was peeing in my face.

4) Scola wasn't perfect, but he was every bit the frontcourt grownup Douglas described. We need us one of those.

5) A couple Warriors did give impressive performances here. Vlad had a really satisfying dirty Euro night... dude was downright Marciulionian. Morrow was actually pretty spectacular, given how tightly the Rockets were defending him. He delivered pretty much every time he got open. And C.J. continues to play well. Eleven days from now, he's going to be a very useful trade chip.

6) Chris Hunter's warts are now on full display -- he's not great. Still and all, we outscored the Rockets by twelve when he was in, in no small part because he actually altered a shot or two. He doesn't need to be great to be extremely useful to a team this tiny and feeble.

7) Monta turned it over nine times and got blocked seven times. I love Monta, but teams are eventually going to neutralize this one-man-show deal... he's not big enough or a good enough passer to LeBron us to victory every night. We need an offensive plan to help him out.

8) Tons of empty seats, not much crowd noise, no extra spark from the players. Is the Oracle magic gone? If it is, we're in much worse shape than any of us realized.

9) I'll give Nellie this: I was glad that he didn't use Randolph. Now is not a time to risk the health of one of our most valuable assets.

10) Having said that, boooooo. We played even smaller than we had to with predictable results (outrebounded 49-37, outblocked 13-5), we showed the least energy we've shown in a while despite being rested and at home, and we once again had no idea how to execute in the final moments of a close game. If you want proof that Don Nelson is still a capable NBA coach, keep looking -- you won't find any here.

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