December 1, 2009

GSW @ DEN 12/1/09: MidThoughts

1. Good lord, what an absolute nightmare of a second quarter. Though we did end it in a somewhat redeeming fashion.

2. Monta gets flak from a few talking heads about calling his own number too much, but with Maggette and Mikki on the floor, that criticism sort of evaporates.

3. Maggette's free-throw bearing seems kind of wobbly and ad hoc — why is he such a good free-throw shooter (historically)? Come to think of it, his whole game is like some sort of odd slight-of-hand. How does he get away with that style? It's preposterous, and he's had a terrible first half.

4. Carmelo Anthony's free throws, in comparison, are immaculate. He always seems to swish it right in the middle of the hoop. Monta's have been pretty crisp lately, too.

5. Decent minutes from Vladman.

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onlxn said...

Nothing grosser than an off-kilter Maggette. It's a good point about his free throws; you never get the sense there's a solid process behind them.

I'm still into the idea of Vlad as a slightly worse and scuzzier Al Harrington; Nellie seems hell-bent on shoving somebody into that slot, and Vlad's got the size and three-point shooting to play the part. But Al himself wasn't very useful when Biedrins wasn't next to him. If we're gonna have a softy at the four, we really need a rim presence at the five to compensate.

Great blog -- I'm a fan!!!