December 14, 2009

GSW @ PHI 12/14/09: PostThoughts

1) Yeeesh.

2) Tonight featured the largest rebounding margin in a game this season: 59-26 total, and 25-6 on the offensive glass.  No Warrior got more than five rebounds.

3) Anthony Randolph again played well, and was +15 in 29 minutes.  Maggette Got His™, albeit in typical gross style.  Devean George was +9 in 17 minutes on the strength of three 3-pointers.  No one else played well.  Morrow had two turnovers and one 3-pointer.  Monta Ellis tied a season low in minutes, with 29, and had a season low eight points.

4) Mikki made four straight jump shots in the first quarter, and then we lost the game.  Was it worth it, Mikki?  


Owen said...

Yeesh squared.

This was just the 24th game since the '86-'87 season to feature a rebounding differential as big as 33. Just to reiterate: the Sixers are really shitty at rebounding. That... was... something.

Really liked Randolph's game.

warriorsscore110 said...

Randolph played real nice today.

One has to wonder if the extended minutes and/or constant losing is starting to on Monta Ellis.