December 7, 2009

GSW @ OKC 12/7/09: PostThoughts

1) ewwww

2) Well, let's see. Curry had a nice game, even with the fouls and turnovers... it was heartening to see him stretch his wings on offense a little. 22 points on 14 shots can drive my car anytime.

3) I watched the local OKC feed of this one (I get Fitzed out sometimes), and the Thunder seem like a tight, charming operation all around. The city mayor sat in with the commentators in the second quarter, and pimped the public transit proposition city residents are voting on tomorrow. I like public transit! That's the only other positive from this game I could think of.

4) That splatting sound you heard was Monta hitting his ceiling. Look: Monta is good. Really good. He's not LeBron James. He's not good enough to be a one-man team on offense, and shut down the opponent's best player, for 48 minutes a night. Defenses are figuring him out... offenses can outlast him with energy. He's averaging 6.6 turnovers in our last eight games. He is not an asset when he's used like this. Give him some set plays to simplify his offensive responsibilities and 14 minutes of rest a night. It's nonsensical to treat a player this way when you're 6-13.

5) Wait... C.J. played all 48 minutes, too? He snuck that one by me. I don't even know if that's a good or a bad thing, given this game.

6) Upside-Down Night in the front court: we were +7 with Mikki and -26 (!!!) with Randolph. Randolph did have a weak night, but this has more to do with the fact that smallball worked better in the first half than in the second half. Y'know, like in every game. Because our opponents adjust and we don't. That's just Nellieball, you guys.

7) I can't blame Maggette for spazzing out -- somebody had to do something to get Chris Hunter on the floor. Of course, there was no Hunter magic tonight. Not on Upside-Down Night.

8) Something I'm getting sick of: Vlad pump-faking a sufficiently open three, then moving past his defender to create. Vlad, you're good at making threes, and not very good at making things happen in the lane. Let's try to maximize our basketball points, not our style points, 'kay?

9) As much as I want Keith Smart to take the helm, I was not a huge fan of how he coached this one. When you dress nine, and only three of those nine are small, it's probably not a good night to play wall-to-wall smallball. I know that he has to cater to Nellie's wishes, and that we were probably doomed when Morrow failed to make it, and that Mikki Moore has a clause in his contract that it will be a bad Christmas if he doesn't start 80% of the time. But tonight was not a data point in favor of the idea that Keith Smart's a good coach. This was the same small-against-all-logic incapable-of-adjustments run-three-guys-into-the-ground-for-no-reason crap that Nellie was dishing out. Badly coached game. Really troubling.

10) And just when you think things couldn't get any worse, there's Devean George's fucking enormous male-pattern-baldness shaved head! Doug, is it too late to register


Raja said...

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Owen said...

Thanks for the kind words, Raja... we hope you stick around.