December 23, 2009

GSW @ NOH 12/23/09: PostThoughts

I mainly think that... I only saw the last six minutes, in an airport bar.

Writ large, it looks like a respectable enough loss for a tired, crappy team on the road; another strong game from Maggette, and as long as Anthony Randolph keeps getting 36 minutes (and eight blocks) a night, I'll be hard-pressed to complain. On the other hand, I'd like to complain. The Hornets outrebound us by 14, and Chris Hunter, a ginyoowine big man coming off the game of his life, gets zero minutes? Big men garnered a total of 46 minutes, and that's only if you fudge things and call Vlad a "big"? We had to have three tiny gentlemen on the court for over 75% of the game, despite the fact that CJ (going from the box score here) had trouble getting open, let alone scoring?

Feh. I'm not buying this "Nellie's dying to go big once he has the right guys" malarkey. For the last 110 games, he has pressed the smallball button as often and frantically as a lab rat presses the possibly-food-but-more-likely-a-body-rattling-electric-shock button. Under engaged coaches, smallball is an occasional countermove, and it can yield excellent results when used that way. Under Nellie, it is not the transition but the default, and as such it is a haggard, trite, zero-upside strategy. What a silly and thoughtless waste of a basketball team.

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FreeZarko said...

It's ultra frustrating because a starting five including Biedrins and AR sounds super duper fun. I'm pre-angry at Nellie for his future decision to not use that lineup.