December 9, 2009

GSW @ NJN 12/9/09: PostThoughts

1) We Won That Basketball Game!

2) Mikki Moore, you heard us call you out, and you responded with your finest game of the year. Well done, sir. We promise to keep you on your toes. It was also very satisfying to see another team's big man continually forced to defend cutters, opening up dunks for his man. Now you know how we feel all the time, Netsssss.

3) Mikki was, of course, only our second-best center on the night. Anthony Randolph was unbelievable, completely changing the tenor of the game with his length, passing better than he ever has before, and playing with consistency and intelligence. We outscored the Nets by fifteen in Randolph's twenty minutes of court time, and that was no coincidence - tonight, he was the best player on the floor. I have officially lost interest in the "bring him along slowly" meme. Warriors, start this man.

4) Two other strong performances tonight: C.J. played a crafty little game, despite disappearing for stretches, and Maggette had an excellent dirty-work outing. He even had a nifty pass to Mikki for a dunk, a play which most of us would've had trouble even imagining beforehand.

5) Curry had a great first half and a middling second half. The expression on his face when he disagrees with a foul is very reminiscent of '06-vintage Biedrins. Ain't no cure for the rookie-call blues.

6) After a thoroughly assy first half, Monta actually ended up having a credible game. Still driving when he shouldn't at times, and some of those misses were real gross, but he passed well and kept his composure. He's had worse performances of late.

7) I'm sick of Vlad slapping at the ball. Just grab it, you ape! You can't complain about nine rebounds in nineteen minutes, but he has not taken to our track-meet offense as much as I would've expected. Just as well, as making him a key piece is not a good idea.

8) Probably the worst game I can remember Anthony Morrow ever playing, as he was just a step off in every aspect. Chalk it up to some crazy travel and tough emotions. He shall return.

9) Good job by Smart tonight. Beating a road-weary 2-19 team is not parade-worthy, but he made good adjustments, pulled back from true smallball insanity and brought the plane in fine. No beef here.

10) CJ's mohawk is so adorably dorky. It's like someone pulled a prank on him while he was asleep at summer camp.

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doug said...

- I love that the Nets knew exactly what to expect from the Warriors but were still completely unable to repel them.

- Mikki had me shouting, "Moore! Moore!" Well not really. But he did look spry, and I enjoyed watching him dunk, and for Christ's sake let's just give him this moment already.

- If Monta played for another team, he'd drive me batty. As it is, I love watching him scoot around and smack the ball away from those less quick than he.

- Randolph's entire mien was different this game. Even his face looked different. Totally under control, and ferocious. And good. Hooray!

- All of a sudden I'm really bothered by Fitz. I like and respect that he knows his basketball, but there's something patronizing and didactic about his game calling. I'll probably get over this soon.

- Warriors Wire points us to a nice piece on Stephen Curry at HoopsWorld in which Curry sometime mentor and shoulder-to-cry-on is revealed as...Corey Maggette. As much as I loathe the often greedy and stupid playing styles of Maggette and Mikki, they do seem to be nice, happy people, which is a good thing (right?).

- This game was uncharacteristic in every way and wonderful for it.