December 9, 2009

GSW @ NJN 12/9/09: MidThoughts

1) Neither the Nets broadcasters nor whoever controls ESPN's "GameCast" can tell Ellis from Curry. Also, it bugs me when I hear Monta pronounced MONT-uh, in this case by the Izod Center's announcer.

2) Morrow and Ellis have been execrable, with seven turnovers to two made baskets between them.

3) Randolph and Watson have been remarkable, though Randolph has had serious trouble defending Lopez, who will probably win this game for New Jersey if he plays 38 minutes. Curry has also been great.

4) That second quarter was some fun basketball. 12 assists in the first half for the Warriors after 12 in the whole game against Oklahoma City.

5) Only three 3-pointers for the Warriors, and none for the Nets. The Nets have the worst 3-point shooting percentage in the league, so don't expect their approach to change in the second half.


Owen said...


Second quarter really was great fun. Only a bad team would let you deflect this many passes, but I'll certainly take it.

Smart sat Monta a bit and hasn't been crazy smallball-heavy -- at this point, a Randolph/Maggette/Morrow looks downright enormous. No complaints.

doug said...

Straight up and sideways.

What more did Randolph have to do in the first half to merit second half playing time?

Owen said...

Absurd. Mikki's contributing a bit, though. We Worriers must've fired him up.

Curry has a little case of the rookies again.

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