December 29, 2009

GSW @ LAL 12/29/09: PreThoughts

The Lakers... ew. These guys are dicks.

This is a road game, the second half of a back-to-back (there really should be some helpful abbreviation for that), against the league's best team, which is also the team we're least-equipped to combat. And with these last two thrilling wins, we've done our good deeds for the week. This is one of the lowest-pressure games we'll play all season... no shame in going quietly tonight. Any intrigue will come on the individual level.

The main things to look for: decent stamina and touch from Biedrins and Turiaf. A touch of poise from Randolph in the face of the league's premier front line. Some type of bounceback night from Curry. A commitment from Nellie to competing on the glass all night, even if our larger lineups go down early (it's not like our smaller lineups won't).

Above all, it'd be nice to see a disciplined game from Monta Ellis, our Warrior to Watch. He's coming off of a brilliant showing, and will be eager to do make noise, given that he's going head-to-head with a living legend... all the elements are in place for one of his eight-turnover nights. If Monta can avoid trying to do too much, despite all the recent accolades and the fun of testing Kobe, it will be a sign of real growth. Learning when to do less is important.

The Laker to watch: Pau Gasol. All of our bigs -- hell, all of our players -- should take notes on his sophistication and precision in the post.

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