December 12, 2009

GSW @ DET 12/12/09: PreThoughts

1) We must expect a loss, and can not resent one overmuch. 2nd half of a road back-to-back with a short bench... you're really, really, really not likely to win a game like this.

2) The Pistons are hot, to boot; they've won four in a row, last toppling Denver on Thursday. Surprisingly, it has all come despite the absences of Tayshaun, Rip, and most recently, Gordon. Thanks to injuries and quirky decision-making (a combo we know all too well), they've of late gone to war with a Maxiell/Jerebko/Wallace/Atkins/Stuckey starting lineup that has to be one of the worst-scoring quintets in recent memory. Shit, I thought Chucky Atkins was dead.

3) Having said that, they're not a fearsome team; both their offense and defense rate a bit below average. The only things they excel at on a team level are offensive rebounding and getting to the line, and they're not too good at scoring once they get there.

4) As the stat nyrdz tell it, the rumors of Ben Wallace's demise have been greatly exaggerated; he clocks in with a .611 Win%, placing him in the league's top 30 (and only slightly behind Anthony Goddamned Randolph). He can still bull real players around, let alone Vlads and Mikkis; if we keep him below 15 boards tonight, it will be something of an achievement. A little Chris Hunter might be in order, especially since guys will be tired.

5) It'd be a good night to give Monta a break on the defensive end. The Pistons won't often have two threatening guards on the floor... we'd be well-served to let CJ and Curry guard Stuckey for stretches, so Monta can save up some energy.

Warriors Player To Watch: it's gotta be Randolph till further notice. Of the guys in the rotation, he played the fewest minutes last night, so if Vlad or Mikki is visibly drained, he could get a look early.

Pistons Player To Watch: Wallace, the terrfying embodiment of all that we lack.

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