December 1, 2009

GSW @ DEN 12/1/09: PreThoughts

1) Let's don't go expectin' no win here, super-friends. 2nd game of a back-to-back, on the road, at altitude, against a very good team with a star we can't pretend to defend and a chip on its shoulder... in context, this is one of the most unwinnable games of the season. Losing by 15 would do just fine.

2) If there was ever a night to sneak Monta back under the 40-minute mark, it's this one. There'd be nothing wrong with 32 minutes from Monta and a couple extended runs of Curry and CJ in the backcourt. Not much sense in draining our #1 dude in a game like this.

3) There is no reason on God's green earth not to give Chris Hunter 20+ minutes tonight. We may lose this extra roster spot three days from now; if we do, either Hunter or Devean George is going home. From where I'm sitting, Hunter has already done enough to make cutting George the right play, but there's no reason why we can't get a better look and make sure.

4) Would be nice to see some Turiaferocity from Ronny tonight... he has yet to make any sort of dent this year.

5) I bet Anthony Carter and Mikki go out for drinks afterwards and share anecdotes about sucking at basketball. And I bet it's straight-up FUN. The Facebook pictures will be wild.

Go Dubs. Go quietly.

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