December 11, 2009

GSW @ CHI 12/11/09: PreThoughts

1) What are the odds that we'd get consecutive games against teams with even worse vibes than us? The Bulls have lost four straight and nine of ten... the Nets even toppled 'em on Tuesday. Never trust a Warriors team on the road, but this one is winnable.

2) The main way the Bulls are getting it not-done: offense. Their attack ranks 28th in the league, thanks almost entirely to a freakishly-low eFG. Their defense ranks below-average as well, as they foul a lot and let opponents run riot on the glass. Aggression will serve us well tonight.

3) Want a short-hand measurement of how underrated Andris Biedrins is? Joakim Noah's having a breakout year that's not the equal of any of Andris's last three, and yet he's getting national feature articles and All-Star whispers. John Hollinger calls Noah the seventh-best young center in the game; Biedrins is not among the sixteen total guys he mentions. Hey, Hollinger, I think you need to boost your Usage Rate... of my dick.

4) If things get squirrelly with Monta and we feel the need to swap him for another big-money young 'un, the two guys that jump out as plausible returns are Andre Iguodala and Luol Deng. Deng has a bigger contract, health concerns and less offensive upside, but he defends and rebounds his position well. In a Maggette-less world (something that should come, with apologies to Corey), Monta for Deng wouldn't be a tragedy.

5) Tonight... is the night... when Randolph should staaaaaaaart.

Warriors Player To Watch: Morrow. Would be nice to see him get back on that horse.

Bulls Player To Watch: Derrick Rose. Would you trade Anthony Randolph for him? Think carefully about this.

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