December 11, 2009

GSW @ CHI 12/11/09: MidThoughts

1) Mikki picks up fouls and Randolph enters and plays well.  Right as rain.  It appears that Randolph is going to eat into Mikki's minutes gradually.

2) Maggette is gobbling up rebounds and playing hard.  Cool.

3) The Bulls look ragged and sleepy.  What a homely, sorry set of players.

4) Ellis is playing extremely well, with 18 points on 13 shots and no turnovers (!!!).  The Warriors have committed only five turnovers, and the Bulls have only scored three points off the turns.

5) The Warriors aren't necessarily playing good defense — the Bulls were one for eight on threes and only got to the free-throw line six times in the first half.

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Owen said...

(game's probably over, but i'm watching it on dvr)

Liking this. Smallball is not really our friend, as evinced by Brad Miller damn near doubling his per-game averages in the first quarter. But the Warriors are playing with energy and unselfishness. That won't be enough against the really good teams in the league, but it'll beat a bunch of people, and it's thoroughly watchable. LOVING Monta's first half... I'll take this Monta over the Superman version ten times out of ten. Randolph is again playing supremely intelligent ball. And more signs of life from Mikki! It's official: I like these guys. I wouldn't mind seeing Hunter, but I'm feeling this, all in all.

Back to the DVR (and the Bacardi & Diet Dr. Pepper... look, it happens).